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  • Replaceable active carbon filters isolate up to 99-percent of dust, pollen, hazardous chemicals, fumes, heavy metal particles etc.

  • Made of Eco-friendly cotton + breathable fiber cloth, non-woven fabric on the front, super lightweight to avoid falling, well sealed and comfortable to wear.

  • 5-Layer Filter - Built by comfortable and breathable 5 layers filter cotton, It can isolate 95-percent of dust, chemicals, exhaust, smog, fumes, PM2.5 and particulates.

  • Health and Economical - Replacing filter can keep the inside of the Mạsk well ventilated, which makes you breath easily and healthy. It’s more economical and eco-friendly because you only need replace the filter when your Mạsk doesn' t work well.

  • Suitable for outdoor activities such as running, cycling, hiking, skiing, etc. It can also be used for anti-fog and dust-proof.

  • 5 Pcs PM2.5 Filter Pad Replacement Pad Inner Pad Filter Five-Layer Activated Carbon Active Carbon Filters Dust Proof Anti Haze Replacement Filter Pads